Alipay / Wechat pay


What is Alipay / Wechat pay

Let people pay with popular digital wallet solutions.

ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions now gives you the option to accept payments from two of the world’s fastest growing platforms.

Launched in 2020, Alipay+ connects merchants with digitally friendly customers across the world.

Over 1 billion users1 across Asia use these digital wallets. Supporting 6 digital wallets in Australia and more on the way, you can potentially increase your sales by allowing your customers to pay with their preferred Alipay+ wallet.

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Meet WeChat Pay

Pay lives within WeChat, one of China’s largest instant messaging and lifestyle apps with over 1.3 billion users2.Once a user has linked their bank account to WeChat Pay, they can use it to make purchases from stores that accept this payment method.

No new hardware needed3

Accept Alipay+ and WeChat Pay digital wallets directly on your EFTPOS Terminal.

Acceptance enabled by Worldline’s QR Code

Worldline’s QR code, deployed in Europe and now being rolled out in Australia, is a fully integrated and interoperable QR code solution. Designed to alleviate the complexities you face when accepting multiple QR code-based payment methods, you can now accept payments from Alipay+ digital wallets and WeChat Pay through the singular QR code that appears automatically on your EFTPOS Terminal screen upon checkout.

Talk to one of our specialists to arrange a demonstration, converse about your requirements, and explore how we can assist you.

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