Restaurant POS System

Manage multiple menus with price tags

Manage coursing

Update seat ordering and allow for split bills

Integrate with Deliverect to manage online ordering

cloud-based restaurants POS system

IMMEDIATE changes for happy hours, seasonal menus, or special events

Robust POS system for restaurant solutions

Our restaurant POS system is ideal if you are tired of manually managing your restaurant's operations. With functions such as order management, inventory management, table management, payment processing, and reporting, our POS solutions strive to assist every hospitality business in streamlining their daily operations to boost efficiency and increase profitability.

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restaurant pos system

Tailored POS system for restaurant

Fully customisable menu options

Our restaurant POS system makes designing and managing your personalised menu selections simple, allowing you to add, remove, and alter dishes with a few mouse clicks. Whether you want to develop a new menu for a special occasion or make modifications to an existing menu, our system provides the flexibility and the control you require. You will be able to:

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Easily manage and track all your orders in one place, saving time & labour

Manage your inventory in real-time to reduce waste

Smoothly manage your tables and reservations

Offer exquisite customer service

Multiple payment options, including credit cards, cash, and mobile payments

Detailed sales reports, track inventory, and understand customer behaviour

Client reviews

pospal kitchen display system

“Our restaurant has changed dramatically since we started utilising the Pospal restaurant point of sales system over a year ago. We have increased our efficiency and delivered better customer service due to the table number system and order processing tools. We strongly recommend this system."

pos kitchen display system

Kelly P

pospal kitchen display system

"The table numbering system and the menu manager are revolutionary! It has greatly aided us in enhancing customer service and cutting down on wait times as our employees can easily keep track of each table's progress."

pos kitchen display system

Nancy N.

pospal kitchen display system

"My business's operations have been significantly streamlined thanks to Pospal's restaurant point of sales system. The system is simple to use, and orders are processed quickly and accurately. The reporting tools have also enabled me to gain valuable insights into my restaurant's performance."

pos kitchen display system

Emmanuel T.

Customise your receipts and docket printing with our pos system for restaurant solutions

pos system for restaurant

We recognise the value of branding and giving our clients a unique edge through our loyalty programs

Hence, we offer a fully customisable system with your restaurant's identity and logo for receipt printers, cash drawers, and dockets. This enables you to provide your clients with a polished, branded experience, raising brand awareness and loyalty.

These systems also contribute to efficiency gains and error reduction. You can swiftly print receipts and dockets for your customers in no time. Additionally, it allows you to easily combine your receipt and docket printing system with our order processing and payment processing features when using our restaurant point of sale system, further optimising your operations in real-time.


POS system for restaurant for proficient order processing

Tailored order modifications

Our unique order processing features allow you to easily customise orders to meet your customers' tastes and dietary needs. Include special requests, substitutions, and additions to ensure every dish is prepared exactly to your customer's satisfaction.

Unified menu display

Our restaurant POS system brings your menu on a single screen. This feature enhances your restaurant's operational efficiency and minimises customer wait times. Manage and track multiple orders with ease and convenience.

Cloud-based platform

Embrace the future with our cloud-based restaurant POS system. Have access to your restaurant's operations anytime, anywhere. It provides the flexibility and mobility you need to manage your business on the go.

Affordable and portable hardware

We offer reasonably priced and portable hardware that complements our software. This allows you to implement a robust POS system without incurring significant initial investment, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

Robust and stable software

Our POS system is underpinned by efficient and stable software designed for the demands of restaurant operations. It guarantees a smooth and seamless ordering process, providing a better experience for both your staff and customers.

Customisable POS System

We understand that each restaurant has unique needs and preferences. That's why our POS system for restaurant businesses is fully customisable. Tailor it according to your requirements, making it a perfect fit for your operations.

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pos system restaurant

Why choose us?

pos restaurant system

Restaurant POS system that optimises profits & minimises stress

With the restaurant POS system, you can swiftly monitor your inventory and ingredient usage, ensuring you have the correct components to produce your customised recipes. By doing this, you have stock control, can minimise waste, cut costs, and guarantee that your clients always get the best cuisine possible.

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The process will entail the following

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We provide professional advisory services to assist restaurant owners in streamlining their processes and achieving their financial objectives. Our team of skilled consultants has an in-depth understanding of the restaurant business. It can offer insightful opinions and suggestions catering to your unique business requirements.

Set up and customisation

Our skilled developers and technicians will design a restaurant point of sales system tailored to your requirements. Whether you want specialised menu options, advanced analytics, or integration with third-party software, we can create a solution that meets all your needs.

Staff training

We offer training in various areas, such as menu comprehension, customer service, order processing, and much more. We can work with your team both on and off-site.

Frequently asked questions

Does Pospal’s restaurant POS system integrate with other software solutions?

Our hospitality point of sales systems is compatible with various third-party software programs, such as inventory control, accounting, and online ordering systems.

What payment methods does Pospal’s restaurant POS system accept?

Cash, credit and debit cards, as well as mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, are all accepted by our POS system.

How secure is your POS System?

Our POS system for restaurant businesses was created with security in mind, and it includes strong data encryption and other safeguards to protect your private data. We also provide regular security updates and maintenance.

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Easy-to-use restaurant POS systems

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