Electronic Shelf Labels

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Maximised Productivity

Cost-effectiveness & Accurate pricing

Improved customer service

Reduced paper wastage as a green technology

Easy management of promotional pricing and shelf layout

Easy installation and customisation

Innovative Electronic Shelf Label range

Want to change the experience of your customers and staff by upgrading your store from paper labels to Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)? Our ESLs are designed to attract your customer's attention with their bright, crisp displays.

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Electronic shelf labels that will revolutionise your operations

Why choose our electronic shelf label range?

Imagine being able to rapidly and precisely adjust shelf labels without requiring workers to alter each label in your retail store physically. This can lead to greater efficiency and higher levels of client satisfaction. If you are thinking along this line, we've got you covered!

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Easily installed ESLs, remotely managed from a central location

Reduces pricing errors, eliminating need for intensive manual labour

Deep industry knowledge, committed to excellent customer service

Technical support is readily available, fostering lasting client relationships

Scalable ESL solutions suitable for retailers of all sizes.

Real-time inventory updates for efficient stock management.

Client reviews

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“We were afraid to switch to ESLs at first, but now I am very glad that we did. The labels are simple to change, and our pricing errors have decreased dramatically. I strongly recommend it."

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Richard T.

pospal kitchen display system

"ESL’s has significantly saved us a lot of time and work. The Pospal support team has been really helpful and responsive throughout the process. I can't even imagine the thought of returning to manual paper display labels."

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Marc L.

pospal kitchen display system

" The ESL customisation choices were a key selling point for us. We were able to include our logo and design aspects in the labels, which helped to improve the overall appeal of our store. Every store owner should consider upgrading to digital labels. "

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Alexia B

An intelligent electronic shelf labels range

electronic shelf labels


See our SUNMI ESL range, providing real-time price adjustment, and enhanced user experience, as an intelligent marketing assistant. They feature eye-catching seven-colour LEDs to indicate commodity status, allowing you to optimise your retail operations and improve the shopping experience.


Cutting-edge electronic shelf labels

Improving your shopping experience

Our smart shelf labels provide clear and precise pricing information to your customers, which can improve their overall shopping experience and raise their level of satisfaction.

Centralised management

Our ESL system offers a centralised management solution, enabling real-time monitoring and modification of price tags and labels. This includes access to crucial analytics like sales patterns and inventory levels, influencing dynamic pricing strategies and product offerings. The automation and routine setup ensure up-to-date pricing information, saving time and effort.

Internet of things and cloud-based device

Our electronic shelf label products are cloud-based. All your price and promotional information is saved in the cloud and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Automating pricing instantly increases your flexibility and convenience. Furthermore, your price information is securely backed up in numerous locations to prevent data loss.

Software tech specs

Variety of sizes and colours

Our ESLs are available in various sizes, ranging from small tags for single items to bigger labels for entire shelves or displays in the retail industry. We also provide different colour options, allowing you to match your labels to the brand colours in your store's logo.

Point of sale (POS) integration

Our software can be coupled with your existing POS system so that any changes made to pricing information in your POS system are automatically updated in real-time on every electronic shelf label.

High-resolution displays based on EPD technology

Our ESLs include high-resolution displays based on Electronic Paper Display (EPD) technology, which has several advantages over typical LCD or LED displays. This consists of the ability to see in bright or low-light conditions easily.

Our electronic shelf labels optimise retail operations across various sectors

Effective pricing solution for a wide range of retail businesses

Our ESL is the perfect choice for any retail business aiming to enhance its pricing and inventory management.

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Our ESL solution is ideal for the following:

electronic shelf labels

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Electronic shelf labels helping you say goodbye to cluttered pricing

Just 3 Easy Steps

When you choose us for your electronic shelf label needs, you can expect high-quality products, staff training cost savings, enhanced client satisfaction, industry expertise, and full customisation of your store labels.

You can access all these exceptional services in 3 easy steps:

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Our expert will consult with you to understand your business, any challenges, and specific needs in terms of price labelling. We will analyse the size of your store plus your preferences to come up with a quote.

Customisation and Installation

Our customisation choices also allow you to add logos or other branding components to your ESL, enabling them to blend in with the general design look of your business. After customisation, the ESLs will be placed strategically in the store.

Staff training

Our training program is user-friendly and simple to grasp, with hands-on instruction and online materials covering all facets of our electronic shelf label system. We teach everything from fundamental operations to advanced features and troubleshooting.

Frequently asked questions

How do your ESL solutions work?

Each ESL is battery-powered and employs wireless technology to link to your store's price information. Changes to pricing information in your database are automatically updated on the electronic shelf labels.

What makes ESLs so good compared to traditional labelling?

ESLs digitally display pricing and product information on retail shelves as innovative, time-saving, and reliable retail technology. Unlike paper labels which take time and effort to update, an ESL can be easily updated by the store manager or the person in charge with just a click of a button.

Which software is required to operate your ESLs?

Our smart shelf labels come with software that can be linked to your existing POS system. Our software can manage pricing information, promotions, and other electronic shelf-label system aspects.

What kind of educational support do you provide for your ESLs?

We provide complete training and support for our electronic shelf labels, including hands-on training, online materials, and a dedicated support team accessible to answer any questions or problems.

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Electronic shelf label solutions that simplify your pricing

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