Self Ordering Kiosk

Shorter queues

Improved customer service

Reduced number of staff

Increased order accuracy

Improved efficiency

Seamless integration with existing POS systems

Experience the future of dining

Experience the ultimate convenience of our self ordering kiosk solutions. Say goodbye to long queues and waiting times. Your Customer simply place your food order using our intuitive interface and relax as your delicious meal is prepared. Embrace the future of food ordering and indulge in the ease and efficiency of our self-ordering system.

Our self ordering kiosk is perfect for :

Mounting style self ordering kiosk

Streamlined Food Ordering: Effortless and Time-Efficient!

Experience hassle-free food ordering while you wait in line. Our innovative system ensures swift delivery of orders straight to the back kitchen. As soon as you step into the store, you can conveniently place and pay for your order through our user-friendly self ordering kiosk, with real-time transmission of receipts. Once your order is ready in the kitchen, you can simply pick it up without any delays.

With our optimized process, you can save valuable time and enjoy a seamless dining experience. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to efficient food ordering!

Flexible Payment System: Choose the Perfect Gateway for You!

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to making payments, that's why we offer multiple payment gateways to cater to your specific needs. Whether you prefer using credit cards, debit cards, eftpos, or any other popular payment method, our system is designed to accommodate your choice.

Enjoy the freedom of choice and make your payment with ease. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the flexibility of pospal flexible payment system!

Tablet Self Ordering Kiosk

Experience the ultimate convenience and speed with our tablet-style self ordering kiosks.

The tablet style ordering system, exemplified by popular devices like iPads and android tablets, brings the power of mobility and flexibility to your establishment.

These sleek and portable devices offer a compact solution that can be easily handed over to customers or placed at designated areas for self-ordering. With their vibrant displays and touch-sensitive interfaces, tablet style ordering systems provide a familiar and intuitive platform for customers to navigate your menu, customize their orders, and submit them seamlessly.


After the customer sits down,order and pay through the self-ordering system,the receipt is transmitted to the back kitchen in real time.


Sushi train restaurants use this system to increase customer volume.
self order kiosk

Seamless Integration and Space Optimization

Unlike other self-ordering systems that require additional fixtures or mounting, our table style solution eliminates the need for additional space or modifications. The standalone devices fit seamlessly on each table, preserving the aesthetics and maximizing your available space.
self ordering kiosk

Enhanced Customer Empowerment & Engagement

By placing standalone devices on tables , patrons can effortlessly browse your menu, explore enticing options, and customize their orders according to their preferences.

Table Self Ordering Kiosks

Revolutionize your dining experience with our table-style self-ordering system

Empower your customers, redefine efficiency, and create unforgettable dining experiences. Our sleek standalone devices seamlessly integrates into your establishment's layout, inviting patrons to take charge of their orders whilst eliminating the need for additional fixtures and maximizing space utilization.

With an intuitive user interface through our pospal system, navigating the menu, customizing selections, and placing orders becomes a delightful experence. Say goodbye to long waits and embrace streamlined efficiency , reduced wait times, and transform your establishment into a haven of seamless service.

Embrace the future of dining and unlock a new level of customer satisfaction with our immersive and interactive solution, perfect for visionary establishments seeking to elevate their dining experience to unprecedented heights.

Self Ordering Kiosks With Buzzer Integration

Maximise efficiency and streamline operations

Revolutionise your ordering experience with our advanced Point of Sale (POS) system, equipped with a built-in buzzer feature.

When customer places an order through the POS device, they will be provided with a unique identifier. Once the order is prepared and ready, the buzzer will discreetly notify the customer, ensuring they can conveniently pick up their food without any delays.

By seamlessly integrating the ordering process with the buzzer functionality ensures a smooth and streamlined experience. No more waiting anxiously for order to be completed or constantly checking the status. The buzzer will alert your customer when it's time to collect their delicious food.

Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive POS system that simplifies the ordering process and improves overall operations.

Step-by-step guide on how the buzzer system works

  1. 1) Customer select desired items from the POS device: Using the user-friendly interface of our Point of Sale (POS) device, browse the menu, and select the items for ordering.

  2. 2) Assign a number to the order: Once customer have made their selections, scan the QR code. This assigns a unique number to their order, linking it to the buzzer.

  3. 3) Make payment: Proceed to the payment process through the POS device. Choose preferred payment method and complete the transaction.

  4. 4) Receipt with QR number: After the payment is successfully processed, a receipt will be generated. The receipt will display a QR code, which corresponds to the assigned number of your order.

  5. 5) Wait for the food to be prepared: As the order is being prepared in the kitchen, customer can comfortably find a seat or explore the restaurant.

  6. 6) Buzzer notification: When the order is ready, your kitchen staff will press a button or activate the system, causing the buzzer linked to the order's QR number to ring or vibrate. This serves as a notification that their food is now ready for pickup.

  7. 7) Pick up order: Once the buzzer goes off, your customer simply proceed to the designated pickup area or the counter. Show the buzzer to the staff to collect the order.

Enjoy the convenience of our buzzer system, which ensures timely notifications and allows your customers to effortlessly collect your freshly prepared food, streamlining business operations and improve efficiency!




  • Includes : Pole Mounting Solution With Printer Bracket – 60mm Pole Mount
  • Running Android 7.1 
  • Input-Output Ports : DC in, HDMI output, microSD, mini USB OTG, USB 2.0 host, 3.5mm audio jack, microphone
  • Connection : Ethernet Rj45, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Full HD Image, Class A LCD Panel
  • Built for 24/7 use. Strong durability support to present business messaging 24/7
  • Perfect for Hospitality businesses


pricing at pospal


  • Screen parameters : Self-service screen – 15.6 inch | Display Area :344*194  |  Resolution : 1920 * 1080  | View Angle : Full view 10-point dual touch screen  |  Cashier Screen : 15.7 inch  |  Display area : 344*194  |  Resolution : 1920 * 1080  | view Angle : Full view 10 point dual touch screen
  • Configuration : Android Rk3568 four-core Cortex-A55*4  |  frequency 2.0 Ghz  |  2GRAM  | 16GROM | OS : Android11  | Interface : DC,USB,RJ45,Rj11,Rj12 | Windows intel J6142 4 cores with 4 thread s | Base frequency 2.0ghz | Burst Frequency 2.6 ghz 4 GB RAM | 128G ROM Interface : DC,USB,HDMI,RJ45,DB9,RJ11
  • Printer : audio Cutter  | 80mm paper | speed 250mm/s (max) | dot density : 8 dots/mm | print dot : 576 dots/line
  • Scanner:  Identification code system : 1D/2D/POSTAL Reading Accuracy : >= 4mil scanning angle += 66° += 61° | Tilt += 360° 
  • Optional: Camera | NFC Credit card pay | Warning light
  • Scanner:  Identification code system : 1D/2D/POSTAL Reading Accuracy : >= 4mil scanning angle += 66° += 61° | Tilt += 360° 


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