Streamlined Payment Processing

Improved Sales Tracking and Reporting

Inventory Management

Enhanced Customer Relationship Management

Integration with Business Tools

Top-Notch Security and Compliance

Evolutionise your business with the cutting-edge Tyro POS system

Discover how the cutting-edge tyro terminal can revolutionise Australian businesses by significantly improving payment processes. With its advanced features, this state-of-the-art terminal reduces the average time it takes to process card payments, including contactless payments, ensuring faster customer transactions.

Whether a debit card, Diners Club, or any other payment method, the POSOn Tyro terminal enables seamless and secure transactions, enhancing the overall customer experience. By streamlining payment processes, businesses can accommodate a customer for applications received more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources. Embrace the future of payment technology with the Tyro Terminal and witness the transformation it brings to your business.

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Tyro POS System simplifying payments and maximising profits

Experience the ultimate convenience and profitability with the Tyro Terminal, a state-of-the-art solution designed to simplify payments and maximise profits for medium businesses and even start-ups. With its wide range of financial products and flexible payment options, the Tyro POS System empowers you to cater to diverse customer needs. Whether you're running a restaurant, retail store, or any other business, this technology offers a seamless menu of payment solutions that enable quicker transactions and enhance retail management.

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Real-time transaction speeds

Enjoy real-time transaction speeds and quicker payments with Tyro EFTPOS

Efficient payment experience

Smooth and efficient payment experience for your customers

Hassle-free settlements

Expect hassle-free settlements within 1-2 business days

Supports various payment methods

Supports various payment methods, including the option to accept American Express at an entry transaction rate without incurring additional charges

No hidden costs or complicated MOTO fees

No hidden costs or complicated MOTO fees for your MOTO transactions, mail order and telephone order transactions.

Transactions are made easier

Transactions are made easier with the Tyro Terminal's menu-driven interface.

Client reviews

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“I was having trouble keeping track of my inventory and sales, but after employing the Tyros system, my business has never been more efficient. I would highly recommend it."

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James P.

pospal kitchen display system

"The power and versatility of the Tyros system software enabled us to tailor our point-of-sale system to our unique needs and streamline our operations. The Pospal team was always available and eager to assist us with any problems. We couldn't be more pleased with our experience."

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Sheila N.

pospal kitchen display system

"The Tyros system completely revolutionised our restaurant operations. We were able to make better judgments and improve the entire customer experience because of the intuitive UI and real-time data insights."

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William S.

Build your unique payment experience: Customisation with Tyro POS system

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With Tyro terminals, you can build a truly unique and tailored payment experience for your business. Customisation options include the terminal itself and the accompanying terminal accessories. You can choose the equipment that best suits your needs, from terminal paper rolls to thermal printers.

In addition to hardware customisation, the Tyro POS terminal offers a simple pricing structure and your choice of payment options to cater to your customer's preferences. Whether in-store and mobile payment solutions, online payments, or even invoice payments, you can provide a convenient experience across various channels. With the ability to integrate with a payment app, you can offer your customers a streamlined and intuitive payment process.

We also have terminal rental options that provide further flexibility, allowing you to adapt to your business's changing needs without making a significant upfront investment. A Tyro terminal work seamlessly as a payment processor, securely processing card transactions and providing a reliable and efficient payment solution. Experience the power of custom payments and build your unique payment experience with this technology, transaction processing for businesses is made easy.

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Maximise Productivity:

Improve order processing with a Tyro terminal

Seamless payment processing

The Tyro terminal facilitates smoother payment during sales, ensuring a hassle-free checkout experience for customers. With its intuitive payment set-up page, you can easily configure and customise your payment options to meet your business requirements. You can also automatically send Tyro receipts after every transaction.

Integrated payments

Tyro terminals provide integrated payments, allowing you to consolidate multiple payment methods into a single device. This integration streamlines the payment transaction process, simplifying order processing and reducing errors.

Mobility and flexibility with Tyro go

Tyro Go EFTPOS, a mobile payment solution, empowers you to process payments on the go. This flexibility improves order processing by enabling you to serve customers wherever they are, whether on the shop floor, at an event, or during deliveries.

Efficient order management with Tyro terminal adapter

The Tyro Terminal Adapter smoothly integrates with your existing POS system thanks to its advanced network configuration, facilitating efficient order management. This integration ensures a smooth data flow between your POS system and the Tyro terminal, optimising order processing and minimising manual entry errors.

Advanced features and functionality

Tyro terminals offer a range of features designed to refine order processing. These include Tyro HealthPoint for seamless healthcare payment transactions, Tyro Tap & Save to save on transaction costs, and the inbuilt Tyro terminal printer for convenient receipt printing and simplifying order documentation.

Reliable support and service

Pospal offers reliable support and service, ensuring you receive the assistance you need whenever you require it. This commitment to customer support helps optimise order processing by minimising downtime and resolving issues promptly.

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Lessen your stress with our Tyro terminals

Take a sigh of relief and let our Tyro Terminals alleviate your stress. Designed to cater to the needs of Australian businesses, our terminals are here to make your life easier. Say goodbye to long wait times as our terminals significantly reduce the average time processing card payments, including contactless payments. Enjoy faster transactions that keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more.

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Get customised solutions for your industry with our Tyro POS Terminal

Why choose us for your business?

Tailored solutions

Tailored solutions for Australian business owners, specifically designed for small, medium, or large businesses

Seamless integration

Seamless integration with business lending and business banking, ensuring smooth financial processes

Customised functionality

Customised functionality to meet the specific needs of various industries

Easy integration

Easy integration with your current business bank account for efficient transaction processing

Advanced WiFi network

Advanced WiFi network configuration and connectivity for real-time transactions


Portable machine for on-the-go business transactions

Dedicated support

Dedicated support and service for business customers

Streamlined payment processing

Streamlined payment processing specifically designed for businesses

Streamlined payment processing

Enhanced functionality to businesses so they can optimise operations

Customised solutions

Customised solutions to cater to the unique requirements of your industry

Frequently asked questions

What types of payments can I accept with a Tyro terminal?

A Tyro terminal allows you to accept various forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, contactless payments, mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and even alternative payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Can I use a Tyro terminal for my online business?

Yes, Tyro offers solutions for online businesses as well. They provide integration options and payment gateways, allowing you to accept payments on your website or through other channels. With Tyro, you can offer your customers a seamless online payment experience.

How long does receiving funds from transactions processed through a Tyro terminal take?

Tyro Payments Limited aims to settle funds from transactions quickly. Typically, funds from transactions processed through a Tyro terminal are settled into your designated bank account within 1-2 business days. This enables you to access your funds promptly and manage your cash flow efficiently.

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