New AI self-serve cashier system
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As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Streamlining Cash Register Operations with AI Image Recognition

Step 1 : Customer queues to have item scanned by AI-powered image recognition cash registers, streamlining your operations is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

When a customer approaches the checkout counter, they simply place their items on the scanning area. AI technology instantly identifies the products without the need for manual input, saving both time and effort for your staff and customers alike.

Step 2 : Customer scans their food at self-checkout and the system identifies the dish. Empower your customers with self-checkout capabilities using our AI image recognition system. As the customer scans each food item, our state-of-the-art technology works seamlessly to identify the dish accurately.

Step 3 : The image recognition system recognizes the food, collects payment, and welcomes the next customer . Bid farewell to long queues and time-consuming payment procedures. Once the AI system recognizes the food items, it automatically calculates the total cost and collects payment securely and swiftly. As the transaction completes, the system efficiently welcomes the next customer, maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted flow at the cash register.

Traditional vs SMART EYE AI Cash register

AI-powered cash registers have revolutionized checkout processes, reducing cashier time consumption from 10s to 1s and slashing error rates from 10% to 2%. This cutting-edge technology also significantly lowers input costs, making it a cost-effective, reliable, and customer-friendly solution for businesses. Upgrade to AI cash registers to streamline operations, boost accuracy, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Canteens / Institutions | Fast Food | Bakery

The fast-paced nature of canteens and institutions demands a quick and efficient checkout process. AI cash registers perfectly fit the bill, especially when dealing with diverse items such as dishes, fast food, pasta, fruits, soups, and drinks on a plate. With silver leopard image recognition technology, customers and staff can identify items at a glance, streamlining the entire transaction process effortlessly. Whether it's condiments like jam and condensed milk or a variety of dishes, AI cash registers ensure smooth operations and satisfied customers.

In the fast-food industry, where speed and accuracy are paramount, AI-powered cash registers excel. With the ability to recognize different-priced items like yuan rice, cold vegetables, soup, element dishes, dessert, and meat at a glance, the silver leopard image recognition system takes efficiency to new heights. Fast food establishments can now process orders swiftly, minimize errors, and enhance customer experience, all with the help of AI-powered technology.

Bakeries dealing with a range of products, from naked wrapped cake bread to pre-packaged candy biscuits and semi-wrapped pudding mousse, can significantly benefit from AI cash registers. The image recognition capabilities of the silver leopard system streamline the checkout process, providing a quick overview of the items on a plate. Whether it's room temperature products or items that require jam or condensed milk, AI-powered cash registers offer unmatched efficiency, enabling bakeries to manage transactions seamlessly.

It's Surprisingly Easy to Deploy: Seamless Training and Implementation of AI Technology

Our AI-powered cash register system offers a surprisingly simple and efficient deployment process, ensuring a smooth transition to cutting-edge technology.

Embrace the ease of AI implementation with our cash register system. Effortlessly train the AI to identify items and bread with minimal time and effort. Deploying plate recognition is equally straightforward. Experience the convenience of cutting-edge AI technology as it simplifies your operations, reduces errors, and elevates the customer experience. With our AI-powered cash register, embracing the future of checkout efficiency has never been easier.

Items/Bread Identification: Rapid Learning and Instant Recognition

Training the AI to identify various items, including dishes and bread, is a breeze. By presenting just one dish and placing it on three plates, the AI learns the unique characteristics of the item in a mere 3 seconds. This rapid learning process ensures that the AI can immediately recognize the item, even when presented differently. Whether it's a plate filled with dishes or just one plate with a single item, our AI cash register system accurately identifies and records the transaction in a matter of seconds.

Plate Identification: Swift Deployment

Our AI-powered cash register system utilizes a continuous learning approach for plate identification, ensuring swift and efficient deployment. During the initial phase, images of various plates are collected to create a comprehensive dataset. The AI system then undergoes intelligent modeling, where it processes the data, identifying patterns and distinctive features of each plate.




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